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There used to be a News and Resources page here, where folks working on behalf of Main Street (as compared with the ubiquitous interests of corporations and the monied elite) could find relevant opinion pieces and news articles, as well as information about upcoming activism.  I’ve removed it, as well as my blog.  I’ve also removed my SmakKat  webstore, where I offered progressive messaging on buttons, decals, apparel and jewelry to those fighting to curb the abuses of Big $  in our politics and society.  

I started SmakKat in August of 2010 as a way of making my small contribution towards spreading a more progressive meme in this country, while hopefully receiving a modest income from my retail efforts. Four years later, I have decided it has become an untenable Internet project for me. The very small niche that I serve in the marketplace - along with the effect the current economic climate has on that sampling - means that I am increasingly putting more $  into it than I can realistically afford.

Although I had known that I was offering products at odds with the cultural norms and interests of this country, I felt that public sentiment would find my offerings more valuable with time, and would therefore sustain my efforts. That has proven not to be the case, I'm guessing because of three reasons. The first is that I'm probably lousy at marketing. The second is that the economy really isn't cranking along for those of us who aren't at the top of the socio-economic ladder. The third reason is more dismaying, and deserves a little more summing up.

Although there are many wonderful and politically astute people out there (many of whom I would consider friends) working to confront the toxic policies of some pretty unsavory corporations and individuals (and enjoying some success), they are doing their work to benefit an even greater number of people who simply can't allow themselves to get involved.

One thing I find surprising is the number of folks who - taking to the streets under the regime of George W. Bush to protest the undemocratic, oligarchic takeover of this country - now seem perfectly agreeable to defending comparable, even escalated, practices under the current administration.  The Democratic Party has even taken to calling its policies “progressive”, and folks who should know better are willingly letting them co-opt the word. The citizens of this country are letting themselves be set up for unwarranted and “extra-legal” tough times ahead, and they have become complacent about this to a degree that is truly alarming.

Until I sense that enough people have reached the point where they are ready to demand real substantive change that will benefit those who aren’t part of the plutocracy, SmakKat will be going into semi-hibernation on the Internet, as I really can't afford the time and $  to do otherwise. That said, you will still see SmakKat at special events, rallies and demonstrations, doing its part to encourage people to evolve sooner rather than later, but my Internet presence is going to be abbreviated.

Many thanks to fellow SmakKatters for their support over the years! I’ve left the link to my contact form active if you ever want to drop me a line, perhaps to order something without going through an electronic shopping cart. We may see each other in the real world now that I won’t be spending so much time looking at this small rectangular screen.

Jim Galvic
Chief Smakologist

January 21, 2014

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